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Hawaiipix is an ecommerce website designed to sell downloadable content. Downloadable JPEG images are available upon completion of the checkout process and verification that the credit card is valid and has been charged. Customers can either download images they have paid for immediately, or they can return at any time in the future and download their images through a secure login page. The site is search engine friendly, supports an unlimited number of downloadable images, categories, and descriptions. Each image can be sold in different sizes, each with different prices, or can even be programmed to be given away for free. Discount and promotion capabilities are also build into the system. The site has a complete order management system allowing the site owner to track total sales, sales per image, sales per customer, and even give refunds within the back end interface. While designed as a stock image gallery, this same system can be modified to support any type of downloadable product such as software, apps, ebooks, PDFs, anything that can be downloaded to a computer or mobile device.



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