One of the fastest and easiest ways to drive visitors to your website is through social media advertising. Ads on Facebook and Instagram look just like regular posts. In many cases, people clicking on them don’t even know they are clicking on an ad.

The real benefit, though, is the ability to target a specific audience. Think about how much Facebook knows about its users. People post an incredible amount of personal information about themselves, where they visit, what they eat, their jobs, their family and friend connections. Social media platforms use this information to help you, the business owner, get very specific about who you are targeting in your advertisements.

But what about the content of the ad? You could announce a sale, or a new product with a photograph and some text. But promotional advertising may not apply to your business.

Video has proven to work well. Think about scrolling down your social media feed. What posts make you stop and look? Text? Probably not. A nice picture? Maybe. But video really captures your attention and draws customers in.

I suggest using animation, especially for businesses where the content of the video is not as obvious. For example, if you are advertising your accounting practice, are you going to take a video of yourself crunching numbers? But a colorful and fun animation explaining your services might attract attention.

Here’s an example of a video I use to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.

Videos can use background music with text or can be narrated. They are generally shorter that 30 seconds but could be much longer depending on its purpose or intended audience.