We’ve just launched a new service. I’m always looking for ways to help small businesses in Hawaii better market their products and services, to a local, national and international audience. One of the fastest growing trends in the marketing and advertising industries is to use animated marketing videos, or explainer videos, as a means of explaining your product or service. The biggest names in tech such as Google and Apple and the many of the biggest names in American business such as the NFL, Ben & Jerry’s, and Pepsi are making huge bets in marketing their brands online utilizing animated videos.

Animated marketing videos are not normal videos. There are lots of great video production studios in Hawaii. Pacific iWorks specializes in videos specifically designed for online use and focused on fun and colorful animation set to voice narration used to explain a product or service. Videos can be hosted on your website and on video search engines such as YouTube, both of which add content to your overall marketing efforts, improving your company image and your search engine rankings.

Video is also a great way to grab potential customer’s attention on social media.

Check out the video at the top of this article for more information on explainer videos or click here for some examples.